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Land of the Free Because of the Brave.

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America is NOT a Democracy. America IS a Constitutional Republic.

America is NOT a Democracy. America IS a Constitutional Republic.

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We The People and Americans want The U.S. Constitution and the Rule of Law enforced.

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The two enemies of The People are criminals and government.

The two enemies of The People are criminals and government.

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The American Patriot Warrior. Great Leaders must Not remain Silent in the Face of Tyranny.

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The Principles of the U.S. Constitution must be adhered to and defended always.

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Great Leaders and Patriots must not remain Silent in the face of Tyranny and Treason.

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The current Federal Government is committing Tyranny against American citizens.

The current Federal Government is committing Tyranny against American citizens.

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All National Firearms Act(s) are Unconstitutional and illegal.

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God, Guns, Guts, and The U.S. Constitution are why Americans are Free.

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